Jamie Talbert is known for a raising a few eyebrows — not only with their name, but with their music. As edgy and innovative as their namesake song (Charlie Daniels’ “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”), this Jam Band influenced group feels the lyric, “and a band of demons joined in, and it sounded something like this,” sums up their style perfectly. There are no starched shirts, big hats, or cowboy boots, these boys like to have FUN, and it SHOWS! As all of this is packed into devilish antics that are infectious, it becomes something everyone wants to be a part of.

“It’s always fun when we hear that we were not what someone expected,” said Talbert. “We love to take our listeners through a musical journey and we play music that we love. In addition to our own songs, when we take the stage we do mash-ups with songs of various genres since our sphere of influences is so different. From Led Zeppelin to Steve Earle or Willie Nelson, they may not be very natural or seem very orthodox but, by the time we’re done, it works.”

As 2016 ended, the band is celebrated two landmark years: In 2015 they saw their CD, TOMORROW NIGHT, released and the debut radio single “South Bound Train” broke into the Top 100 on the Texas Charts where it stayed for a respectable 15 weeks, peaking at 63; their second single, a hard rockin’ version of Charlie Daniels’ “Long Haired Country Boy,” spent 13 weeks in the Top 100. In 2016, the album’s title track, which is dedicated to the men and women of our armed forces, peaked at #36 and their latest single, “Waking Up With a Stranger,” finished out the year. On January 2017 the band released “Wildfire,” the lead single from their sophomore album, DO IT, which was produced by Stormy Cooper and Lyndon Hughes.  All three releases from DO IT have been top 50 singles, with “Wildfire” coming in at #34 and”Back In my Arms” peaking on the chart at #23.  This notches five consecutive “Top50” (or better) radio releases to their belt.

Cooper, who has worked with such Texas staples as Roger Creager and Bri Bagwell, as well as “The Voice” winners Danielle Bradberry and Sundance Head, brought out the best in the band. Talbert is looking forward to highlighting the growth the band has experienced since TOMORROW NIGHT, which was produced in a home studio with the help of many that he trusted and respected.

“This time around our album is more streamlined with full sound and production,” said Talbert. “Our debut did so well that I was able to see the full potential for the band and feel that this new music is not a change from our sound as much as it is a change by doing it better. I was able to get past my own ego and look at different perspectives and allow pieces of me to become a part of another’s experience and vice versa.”

Bringing in a steel guitar opened the group up sonically while outside co-writers provided Talbert with some invigorated passion to write more in-depth content.

“We have grown tremendously since our first album and have been able to branch out in so many areas,” said Todd Conger (bass guitarist). “We brought in more of our ourselves in so many ways and just lost ourselves in the experience of being in the studio. In essence, we took the idea of ‘do it’ to the extreme and tried everything until we found what fit. What’s coming next is a better depiction of where we are right now as a band.”

Knowing the goal for listeners is to escape in the music and find themselves in everything they sing, Talbert and crew drew on personal experiences while creating an original sound. In doing so, the songs breathe of reality and growth.

“There is a lot of good Texas country music out there and we strive to make sure we are authentic and show a lot of diversity,” he said. “We play what we live and write based on our experiences. Whether it’s the fun times, the sad times, or the ‘oh, this sucks’ kind of times, this record is about relationships, reality and all the things we deal with as adults.”

As the album hits airwaves across the land, the band is building its list of dates for the new year. As they continue to travel the state and hit all points on a compass, from Beaumont to Spring and Nacogdoches to New Braunfels, they have shared the stage with artists such as Pat Green, Cody Johnson Band, Randy Rogers Band, Bri Bagwell, American Aquarium, Billy Joe Shaver, Charlie Robison, Jason Boland and many others. Hitting such venues as Firehouse Saloon (Houston), Billy’s Ice House (New Braunfels), and The Backyard in their hometown of Beaumont, it is evident they are on a mission to “show you how it’s done.”

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